The Cape Town Museums

Author: · April 13. 2009 · Cape Town

Thanks to the extensive history of South Africa and of Cape Town, the city has a lot of museums to offer where you can experience the history thorough, first-hand, documentation and objects.

There are museums about the different neighbourhoods in Cape Town, which have their own history to tell. Examples of these are the District Six museum, which is about the apartheid era, of forced removals, in South Africa, and the Bo-Kaap museum, which has a rich history being the first Muslim district in Cape Town.
The Slave Lodge tells you a great deal about the slavery in South Africa. The Slave Lodge was a place where slaves slept, worked and lived during the time of slavery. You can feel the history by just walking into the place.

There are also other museums to be visited in Cape Town, such as the National History museum, which is about the evolution of the people, animals and the country of South Africa. Connected to this museum is also the planetarium where you can view the stars on a cloudless sky.

All these museums fall under the Iziko Museums in Cape Town and are definitely worth a visit.

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