The Cape of Good Hope

Author: · April 3. 2009 · Cape Town

The Cape of Good Hope is the most southern point of the Cape Peninsula. Before the Dutch colonised South Africa, Cape point was a stop-over for the VOC ships heading east to Asia. The ships visited the settlement for fresh water, fruit and vegetables for the drew so that they could continue the rest of the journey. Gradually more people started living in the settlement, not only colonists, but also slaves, VOC workers, and many more and out of this settlement Cape Town developed.

Nowadays the most southern point of the Cape Peninsula is part of the Table Mountain National Park nature reserve. There you will find the original lighthouse which you can visit. You can climb up, or take the ‘Funicular’ cableway, which bears the name the Flying Dutchman. You have a beautiful view up there, of the waves crashing onto the cliffs and you can even see a Portugese ship, that was shipwrecked in 1911.

And don’t forget to have your picture taken under the sign of Cape the Good Hope.

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