Camila Paz about her experiences in Cape Town

Author: · March 4. 2009 · Students

I was thinking of how to start this note about my Cape Town experience, but it is a little bit hard, because I was deep inside this city and culture. I just opened my mind and soul to this “new” world.

Other than learning English I am so glad to have had the opportunity to discover this new place. This country and the people who I have met here, from South Africa and from all over the world. All the experiences and adventures that I have had here, have changed my vision of the world (or of my own world).

I would like to say thanks to the Kurus team, to my teachers who taught me English, of course! But also taught me about the history and the culture of this country. It is hard to describe my time here because I have a lot of nice feelings…

Cape Town will always be my psychedelic city!

Thanks! Love, love,

Camila Paz

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