Belief Systems, December 2009

This week we introduced the students to the different belief systems in South Africa.

On Tuesday, we went to Hildergarde, a traditional healer. For me, it was a very impressive experience. It’s a pity, in one month I have to leave Cape Town and especially for the last period I’m really going to feel the African feeling!!


Yesterday, it was all about the Islam. The students visited Dawood, an imam in Cape Town. They were able to ask all the questions they wanted to know and learned so much more about Muslims, the belief and everything what is related to it!!


Today, is already their last day. The school is quite buzzy because it is also the last day for the Kurus Team of 2009! Let’s get the holiday started and enjoy it to the max!!

~ Jessica

Dear Kurus English Team,

Thank you very much for the fantastic time in Cape Town.

We enjoyed this trip so much, we learned a lot of the culture and have a lot of fun with all of you.

We hope we will see you again!!

Best wishes,

Daniel, David, Julia Gu., Julia, Bennie, Rio, Carolin, Jana and Martin

Boat trip

Last evening we went on a boat trip with the Kurus English and Coffeebeans Routes teams!! What was supposed to be a sunset cruise was in reality a cruise with high level clouds and rain! Nevertheless, we had great fun together. A fantastic getaway to do before the holiday starts.


~ Jessica

Entertainment & Leisure, December 2009

Last week was a diverse week in which the students got the chance to learn more about the African culture when it comes to entertaining and leisure.

The kick-off was a drive to Signal Hill to see the Cape Town Stadium. The view is amazing from that place! Afterwards, they went to the Fields of Play exhibition which explores the dynamic intersection of memory, football and forced removals in the history of Cape Town.

On Wednesday the students became artists at the Castle of Good Hope. They had a workshop there with John Bauer about the printing techniques. It seems like this is one of the more popular excursions last time.

The next day, on Thursday, it was all about Township Leisure at Langa. We literally took the bulls by the horns and tasted some sheep head and chicken liver. The township excursions are always impressive! Our singer from the Music Dinner before took us on a tour through Langa and we ended up in her yard to taste the food.

All together, a week with a lot of variation, fun and impressing experiences!!

~ Jessica

FEJO V Music Dinner

Last Tuesday was the second music dinner in 3 weeks with the FEFO V Group. This evening is becoming one of my favourite evenings how to spend my time. Unfortunately, it was my last but nevertheless I enjoyed it to the max!

I missed the dinner but lucky me! There was a bit left what I snacked in the kitchen. Then, it was time for the music because that’s the special element what makes the dinner so special and full of African atmosphere.
Finally, everybody stood up and joined on the dance floor in the backyard. Interesting conversations and meetings were going on and it was, again, a great evening!!

~ Jessica

South African History, December 2009

Last week was the second and last week for the FEJO IV Group from Germany. Time flies when you’re in Cape Town! After a very active week with dancing and making art en music, it was time to refresh their history knowledge.

On Tuesday they visited the Slave Lodge where they got an impression about Africa during the time of the slaves. Where they came from and what kind of life they lived.

District 6 Museum and the Holocaust museum were on the list for Wednesday. Some heavy stuff but really good to experience and to see what Africa was like years ago.

Thursday was the day to celebrate that we are now free and can live our lives how we want to live them. The students went on a train ride to Langa!

This week was a good one to go back to Germany with a fresh start. The group learned so many new things and were also remembered about the history. And with the freedom in their minds they went back to their home country!!

~ Jessica

Sincere gratitude to …

November 2009

‘Johannes Bruns, 18 years old, has just finished school and wants to pass the CAE exam at Kurus in Cape Town!’
‘Wildly ambitious, that young guy!’ Gavin must have thought when reading my application.
Indeed, it was a tall order but not a lost cause!

My sincere gratitude goes to:
- The remarkable nick names J was given (little Johannes, Prince…)
- Linguistic drill master Gavin Cuttler who turned my English into an almost immaculate diamond
- Aaliya’s natural tenderness and senses (or scents)
- Big Johannes German aura that never made me feel homesick
- Diana who is the quintessence of hospitality and altruism and truly the back love of Kurus English
- Jessica the fairest Dutch lady with an unbeatable, gorgeous island sun-teint whose enchantment lies in her modest personality tinged with intelligent sensibility
- Jacques the most admirable tour guide, the epitome of elegance and a true library of knowledge

We will never forget & remember forever!

November 2009,
FEJO Cape Town…

Celebrating together
Adventures under the sun
People with friendly faces
English communication

Opportunities meeting new places
Waves & white sandy fun
National nation making conversation

We will never forget & remember forever!

Kind teachers
Useful information
Really amazing
Unforgettable experience
Super organized


Thanks for all! Kathi & Sebastian

Art, Dance & Music December 2009

Paint some art, make a move and feel the beat. As you can imagine, last week was a very creative one.

The start off took place in the Castle of Good Hope. At this place, John Bauer presented the printing technique with knitted teddy bears. The artist knows different unique art techniques by experimenting time and time again. The students were busy with painting the teddy bears and printing them on a paper sheet to make their own art.

The next day, on Wednesday, it was time to develop the dancing skills on an African way. The students, teachers and private guide Jacques drove to the iKapa Dance Theatre to learn the gumboot dance. It was an unexpected experience but great to see and practise a real African dance at close quarters.

The first week went fast by and the students were already on the third day of excursions. This day, it was all happening in Gugulethu where the Djembe and Marimba again were discovered! Lucky learned them all about the instruments and the ilanga le Africa project.

Thanks everybody for taking creative part in this creative week!

~ Jessica

Fejo IV Music Dinner @ Paradise Grey

Last week Tuesday the new arrived Fejo Group and the Kurus Team were invited at Paradise Grey for a great music dinner. During the whole evening new people popped in at the very cosmopolitan place. A place to see and to be seen!

Different tables were placed in the backyard for a culinary dinner. We tried the delicious chicken with rice, thai curry sauce and pumpkins.
After chatting, eating and drinking the necessary drinks it was party time! Tables were taken inside and everybody was ready for the band and the amazing sound of their singer.

Finally, Michael showed up with a fresh melon dessert so the whole evening was made complete!!

~ Jessica

Cape Intern

Are you looking for an internship in Cape Town – South Africa?

Then you should definitely check out Cape Intern. They provide foreign students with direct and free opportunities and information. From guidelines in organizing to a database of companies, accommodation, advice on travel information and so on. Check out www.capeintern.com where you can find out everything!

An Italian flavour at Kurus English

Last Friday language travel agents and journalists from Italy visited our school. It was great having the opportunity to show our guests our unique language-culture-discovery concept. The Kurus English team took the visitors on a short Language Excursion to the Slave Lodge where we met Lucy our interesting and pationate host.

Besides Kurus English the Italians visited eight other language schools in Cape Town and they also did several trips in and around Cape Town to discover the mother city!

The Kurus English team is looking forward to welcoming Italian students to Cape Town and to Kurus English!

Special thanks to Patrizia Musolino for providing the pictures. :-)

~ Jessica

Education South Africa hosts Fam Trip for IALCA Agents

In November 2009, member schools of Education South Africa (EduSA) collaborated in hosting an Italian Agent FAM Trip.
These schools were EC, Eurocentres, Good Hope Studies, Inlingua, Interlink, IH, Kurus English, LAL and Shane Global.
Six agents and three journalists from Italy visited Cape Town, South Africa, for one week and were taken to the centres in order to visit their premises and meet with the staff there.
There was also time to visit and explore some of the sights in Cape Town, such as taking a guided walking tour around the city, going up the world-famous Table mountain, going on a Safari, enjoying a sunset boat cruise and visiting the Cape of Good Hope. Most days were rounded off by a visit to one of Cape Town’s many world-class restaurants.
It was a fantastic opportunity for EduSA to showcase the City of Cape Town and for the schools to present themselves to the agents who were visiting.
The most common comment from the agents was that they had fallen in love with Cape Town and that the city went way beyond their expectations.

Reference: http://www.quality-english.com/whyqe/Quality-English-News.asp

Thank you

Cape Town, 20.11.2009

Thank you

… very much for the improvement of my English language
… for showing me how to find my way through English speaking society in a very polite way > Thank you Gavin!
…for making me feel very comfortable here in Cape Town

I would like to wish Kurus English, and the staff all the best and great success for the future

Thank you so much

One of your German-Swiss students

Alan Vesty – marketing coordinator Cambridge

Please check out the link below. You can get the news from the African Branch of Cambridge University Press.


EduSA is officially launched in Cape Town

Education South Africa (EduSA), formally known as ELTASA, celebrated its official launch, which was held in Cape Town on 20 October 2009.There were over 50 people in attendance, representing many different sectors of the industry and beyond: local government, tertiary institutions, regional tourism bodies, the City of Cape Town and other language centres who are not current members of EduSA.

Calvin Gilfillan, CEO of Cape Town Routes Unlimited (CTRU), gave the keynote address in which he reaffirmed his government department’s support for the EFL industry in Cape Town. He vividly expressed his excitement about the new initiatives being taken by EduSA within the industry, highlighting its important role in Cape Town tourism. Other speakers were Gavin Eyre, National Chairperson of South African Youth Travel Confederation (SAYTC), and Craig Leith, Chairperson of EduSA.

The community of Cape Town EFL centres and other language centres from as far afield as Jeffrey’s Bay and Port Elizabeth, were in attendance to show their support for the organisation, which assists in providing a standardised framework for the accreditation of their centres.

The main aim of this national association of quality English language centres in South Africa is to develop and guide the growth of the English language travel industry and ensure that its members meet or exceed guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

Looking ahead EduSA also hopes to become the catalyst in the establishment of language travel tourism and the building of strong relationships within the language industry, tourism bodies and the local, provincial and national government.

Pictured above from left are:

Johannes Kraus, Gavin Eyre, Sue Camillieri, Howard Johnson, Belinda Whittaker, Luanne Mc Callum, Meryl van der Merwe, Angela Pereira, Emre Bilge and Craig Leith

Pictured above from left are:

Craig Leith (EduSA), Gavin Eyre (SAYTC), Calvin Gilfillan (CTRU)

2010, November 2009

Let’s go 2010. We are ready to welcome the world!!
The first day we went to Ajax Cape Town. That was a bull’s eye score with 3 Dutch people around. Dutch people in Cape Town have to support them. We met Mark Myers and he took us on a guided tour through the complex. We started at the reception and via the trophy exhibition, to the Ajax Lounge, the field’s en the fitting rooms.

On our second day we went to the Makaraba organisation which is responsible for the genuine South African hand painted fan helmets. Michael explained to us the whole process of making a fan helmet and finally we painted two ourselves.

The soccer game on the last excursion day was great. We visited the Ambitious Youth of Khayelitsha (AYK) where Andile told us everything about what they’re doing. After his interesting explanation we played a mixed soccer game with the AYK.
Take a look at the following album for some amazing sport shots!!

~ Jessica

Entertainment & Leisure, October 2009

Last week was in token of Entertainment & Leisure. Like the students who are doing an English course what about the South African people?
On the first excursion day they wanted us to put in touch with the African food. Actually, you can also say MEAT. So we went to Nandi Nandi, located in Khayelitsha, to order some meat. After a visit at the art centre where Cinga Samson showed us his paintings and told us more about the topic, we went back to pick up our meat and tried it! The plate was only for a few minutes filled by meat.

In my younger years I’ve done pottery for a few times but when we visited John Bauer at his home and atelier my mouth fell open in astonishment. Loads of pots and creations were placed everywhere! After recovering our breath we painted some pots. They’re now under the treatment of John Bauer and we are curious to see the results.

Our last day was very exciting! We drove to Guguletu where we played the marimba and other African instruments. Lucky Paliso taught us everything about the instruments, culture and how to play. It was a very energetic afternoon and we had a lot of fun!

We now know more about the African way of entertaining themselves and the leisure activities of the country.

~ Jessica

Cape Town Tourism 2010

Kurus English is proud to be a 2010 member of Cape Town Tourism. We are Ready to Welcome the World as well! So, let every body know!


The South African Youth Travel Confederation (SAYTC) is a non-profit, membership-driven organization with the following objectives:

• to market South Africa globally as a preferred youth tourism destination.
• to establish a professional youth tourism industry based upon accreditation and guidelines.
SAYTC represents operators like you and addresses the concerns and interests of all operators throughout South Africa.

Members are represented by the following sectors:

• Backpacking South Africa
• Education South Africa
• Tours & transport South Africa
• Volunteering South Africa


We are a proud Associate Member of Education South Africa.

Daniel Boshoff Photography


Check out the link from Daniel Boshoff, photographer, for an impression of his work.

Daniel Boshoff is a freelance photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa – specialising in Editorial Portraits, Lifestyle, Travel and Fine Art Documentary.

Work & Business

Last week’s theme fitted exactly in my educational program. Studying International Business & Languages, the cultural differences in doing business in different countries is very interesting.
The first excursion day we went to the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum located in the township Lwandle. There, we got a guided tour by Lundi Mama through the museum, which reminds residents and visitors of the horrific living conditions that the migrant labour system imposed. Lundi took us on a small trip where we could see hostel 33 in the original conditions.

On Wednesday, we went to a local shop: Streetwires. The excursion was very exciting because Jethro showed us everything, from the design room to the workplaces. Afterwards we got the opportunity to make our own wires. Respect for the workers because what we did in one hour could they just do in a few seconds.

Capestorm, an outdoor apparel company based in South Africa was the third location for a language excursion. During that day I wasn’t present because I had to work on my network skills. The students told me that it was good to see that the workers do their work in a fair workplace and it was also interesting to hear the differences between a big company (Jack Wolfskin) and a smaller one (Capestorm), explained by Andrew Baxter.

~ Jessica

Meeting SAYTC/ BSA

On the 2nd of October we joined the SAYTC (South African Youth Travel Confederation) and BSA (Backpacking South Africa) meeting. The location for this network meeting was the Fat Pony Backpackers at Joostenbergvlakte. Several presentations were hold and each new member could introduce themselves during a one minute opportunitiy. So did Kurus English. Aware of our valuable differentiation from the other language schools, we did our speech!

The result after networking the whole day was a well filled bag with business cards. We will definitely join the next meeting!

~ Jessica

EduSA Launch


EduSA is the national association of quality English language centres in South Africa. EduSA is committed to developing and guiding the growth of the English language travel industry in South Africa and ensuring that its members meet or exceed guaranteed minimum standards of professionalism and quality.

Kurus English is proud to be an Associate Member!

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