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Author: · December 12. 2008 · Guestbook

To: Johannes, Diana, Gavin, Aaliya, Sina, Iain and Jacques

Meus queridos

When Armin told me about the opportunity at Kurus I was curious..
But I was afraid too! Work in a English school? But in the end, I decided to come and take a look and what a glad surprise. Such a beautiful place, so colourful, everyone so nice.. Gavin was so warming and kind..

Then I met Johannes, we had a great talk and here I am finishing my eight weeks internship. Was fast, and also incredible fun, interesting and challenging.

Thank you guys for the help to lose my fear of expressing myself in a foreign language. Thanks your giving me the opportunity to grow.. And I hope my job helps Kurus grow too!!! Good luck in 2009

Come visit me in Brasil and I’ll talke you all to amazing language excursions in the crazy Rio de Janeiro!

Beijos e abra├žos a todos, com todo carinho.

Rita :)

p.s. Jacques & Iain (two great tour guides)
Aaliya & Gavin (always my dearest teachers)
Johannes & Diana (the best “bosses”)
Sina, my new sweet friend.

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