South African History

Author: · December 7. 2008 · Language Excursions

In general, all our Language Excursions contain elements of South African History. With this in mind, we decided to create a week where we have a look at South Africa’s history in more detail.

We started the week with a visit to the Slave Lodge, the Slave Tree and Church Square. We had a close look at the story on slave routes arriving in South Africa. Where did people come from? How did they get there? What were the living conditions like? This part of history is still very much visible today and is one of the reasons for the rich cultural diversity of Cape Town. We can discover this diversity every day while meeting the people of Cape Town, eating their food and experiencing their traditions.

The second Language Excursion led us to the District Six Museum (www.districtsix.co.za) where we talked to Noor who had been forcibly removed from this culturally rich residential area in the 1960s. In addition, we visited the Holocaust Centre (www.ctholocaust.co.za) to get a perspective on human genocide and to compare Apartheid with anti-Semitism.

In our last Excursion for this week, we decided to “celebrate freedom”! One of the key changes post 1994 is Freedom of Movement. Previously, the trains were segregated, as were the buses, the post offices, etc. For this reason, we took a ride on a train. Before 1994, there was a non-white train entrance and a non-white train section, and a white entrance and a white section. This has changed, but the premise is still there in economics – the non-white entrance has become the 3rd class, cheap ticket, entrance, and the white entrance has become the metro plus, the more expensive and comfortable section. To experience both, we took a ride in 1st and 3rd class.

In the video below you can see one of our teachers Gavin, explaining some similarities between the holocaust and apartheid, in the Holocaust Museum.

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