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Author: · December 2. 2008 · Language Excursions

This week’s Language Excursions were around the topic “Building Cities”. On Tuesday, we undertook a walking tour of Cape Town with Andrew Boraine, the CEO of the Cape Town Partnership (www.capetownpartnership.co.za). Andrew gave us a fascinating perspective on the city’s history as well as a glimpse of its future.

On Wednesday, we went to UCT (Univerity of Cape Town) and met Professor Edgar Pieterse, former special advisor to the former premier of the Western Cape, Ibrahim Rasool, founder of the Institute for Sustainability (www.sustainabilityinstutute.net) and Director of the Centre for Cities in Africa. Here we had a look at City Futures – with the world’s population increasingly moving to the cities, what are the implications? What does it mean for the future of the cities? What does it mean for Cape Town?

Finally, on Thursday, we visited an informal settlement in Kalkfontein, where we met the former local counsellor of the ANC (African National Congresss, ruling political party in South Africa), Maurice Cornelissen, and had a look at how, from a political level, informal settlemets are being managed. What are some of the strategies for ridding the city of informal settlements? We also met and spoke to various people living in this informal settlement.

The video below shows the city walking tour with Andrew explaining about the changing city.

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