All the best! from Margarete and Rudi

Author: · November 23. 2008 · Guestbook

We learned English many years ago,
our level in this language was very low.
We couldn’t speak, we didn’t understand,
the people’s language in this land.
Then was born a fantastic idea.
We flew to Cape Town in this year.
Because we could remember:
Kurus English opened its doors in September.
Our son’s and Diana’s English school,
the building, on 70 Wale, is so beautiful.
Inside the colours, like a big rainbow,
red, orange, green, blue and yellow.
The style is modern, fresh and hip,
the best place for students “to equip”.
Aaliya and Gavin they were great and excellent
and taught us with passion, skill and their talent.
The excursions gave us opportunity
to discover culture and diversity.
The experiences were interesting and very impressive,
we met people, amazing and creativ.
They all were friendly and likable,
we always felt so comfertable.
We improved our English
in the 4 most important things


Thank you so much for a wonderful time. We wish you all the best!

Margarete and Rudi.

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