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Author: · November 17. 2008 · Language Excursions

In this week’s Language Excursion we were looking at the past, the present and the future. We played indigenous Khoi-San games with a Nama Linguist and historian Pedro Dâusab to look back at our roots. It also brought up relevant discussions about our Nama name “KURUS”. Please follow the link to get the explanation.

Next we got insight into contemporary design while visiting the design studios of xyz (www.dddxyz.com). xyz designers took us through several of their projects, the thinking and creation of them.

Finally, we visited Jonothan Cherry, a marketing and communications expert who is looking at future trends. Jonothan is part of the network www.cherryflava.com, please check it out for innovative news! During the Language Excursion we were sent to a shopping mall taking pictures with a high end digital camera. The goal was to “photograph” a love letter, instead of “writing” it. In the future we won’t write postcards to our beloved ones, we will send them picture stories which they will have to interpret. And that is exactly what we did afterwards. The students had to interpret each others, picture stories! That was fun!!!

In the video showed below you see the wind-up radio that XYZ designed and more explanation about what XYZ exactly does.

Please watch out for next weeks Language Excursions focusing on South Africa in 2010!

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