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Author: · November 7. 2008 · Language Excursions

Our week Entertainment & Leisure is about “taking it easy” in a stressful and hectic world. We discussed how we deal with stress and what we do to relax. This week is also about looking back at South African history where people were not permitted to move freely and couldn’t do what they wanted to do in their leisure time. We want to embrace the freedoms we enjoy today!

On Wednesday we met Viki at Nomzamo in Langa. Viki is a musician (listen to her music on myspace) but she also runs Nomzamo along with her brother. Nomzamo is a “chisa nyama”, a butchery with a barbeque. Here you can choose fresh meat to be barbequed for you. We all had a yummy lunch (including the vegetariens :-) !

On Thursday, we were planning to do a pottery workshop in Guguletu. Unfortunately, our Language Excursion host couldn’t make it. So, we visited John Bauer at his studio in Claremont (he is already part of our Art, Dance, Music Language Excursion; see here). Instead of working with clay, we individually decorated cups and mugs.

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